Busy, busy, busy.

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So busy in fact that I have neglected updating my blog or my website. There are many great things to come, so keep an eye out.

In addition to shots of LBI from April, there will also be shots taken in Sarasota, FL. Plus, notecards. Keep an eye out for my May/June blog/newsletter with all the details.

So, April. What happened? Well first off, the gallery opening in Baltimore was a big success.

Many people came out and I even sold a few pieces. Very cool.

For my birthday (April 23), my girlfriend and I visited Sarasota, FL for a week. It was fantastic. Warm weather and beautiful beaches. And some nice photos .

No sooner did I get back from Florida and I was off to Puerto Rico on business. Didn’t really get any website-worthy shots, but hope to get some on my next trip down.