Shower Stumble

Shower Stumble

Posted by on Jul 14, 2007 in Blog | 0 comments

Well the day started out kinda funny. I fell out of the shower actually. Really, no kidding. Got some soap in my eyes, did a little turn, lost my balance, fell out of the shower and knocked the toilet off its seating. Ya gotta laugh. Or take the toilet knock off as a sign that it really is time to hit the gym.

Did my trek up to LBI. What usually takes about 3hrs took 5 this time. Delaware was a parking lot.

But the trip was well worth it. Scoured the island for gift shops and galleries. Made a ton of connections. Earth Sea and Sky in Bay Village is now showing my work, thank you Gregg.

How You Brewin? in Surf City is also showing some of my work.

In between sales calls I caught up with some friends. Even managed to shoot a few photos.

Since the trip up took so long, we last minute decided to stay. Found a room. Not much of a room really. Won’t mention the name of the establishment but it was pretty shabby.

Made a few website improvements. You can now look at photos by date and month.